He was waiting for his mother to finish her meetings. Waiting in the lobby of the church building, keeping the sword close to his side. He watched his enemies as they walked up and down the hallways. He snorted at the mothers and fathers pretending to chase their children. He knew better. They were all looking at the sword he held. Waiting to grab the blade from him. But his enemies feared to take it while he was still awake. The boy waited, starving. When his mother finally finished her meetings, she found her son dead from starvation. His hands were curled and empty, the blade having been taked from his dead, cold hands. The mother figured that the boy died during her fifth meeting and the blade had been taken after his death. Grieved for the death of her son, but knowing that it would not take away the mistake that was hers, she went off to take back the blade of her son’s enemies to pay her debts for having so starved her son.

The Contrite Blade

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